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Dear Scientists,

Organisational Committee of hi-tech project “Imperatives of Civilised Development” is very pleased to announce the following scientific and interactive Internet conferences to take place in 2012:

Conference Date


06 June

(international conference – English language)

“Global Security Governance and Political Transformations”

11 May
15 May

(international joint conference with Open Society Security Academy)

“Anti-Terrorism Information Technologies”

15 May
29 October

“National and International Security in Current Transformation Processes

01 October

Please respect the deadlines for submitting your materials to take part in Internet conferences of your choice.

Target audience includes NSI and Fullbright alumni, students majoring in International Relations and Political Studies, Security Studies, PhDs, postdoc students, foreign scientists, leaders of scientific and pedagogical communities of higher education institutions and scientific organisations, representatives of public sector entities and NGOs.

Given the importance of the event and relevance of topics to be discussed the conference will boost an insight into the current global challenges. The discussions at the conference will result in recommendations to be addressed to the UN General Assembly, CE Security Council, G7 leaders, other major international and transnational organisations, as well as educational and scientific institutions engaged in the research of the proposed topics.

The topics will be discussed in sections:

1. Security Dilemma: International Relations and National Security

–        Short historical background of the country you present, its role and place in the world

–        Short overview of the main researchers in your country whose scientific interests are strongly related with global governance, international security, security studies, smart (soft) power, sustainable future, reset policy

–        National security policy: interests, threats (challenges, dangers etc), security system, government authorities and NGOs, including think tanks, measures

–        Your vision of prospects for global security community or future trends relating to the subject of your research


–        The essence of international relations theory

–        Classical theories in International Relations
Main principles of international relations in the time of impact globalization

–        The problem of self-identification in contemporary international relations

Theory of global governance and global leadership
Application of global governance theory in the global historical process
with a focus on the country you represent (e.g. Italy in the global historical process)

–        Smart (soft) power in global governance

–        The U.S. global leadership as a basis for global security

The origins of geopolitics
The evolution of the world’s geopolitical concepts

–        The concept of geopolitics, methodology and analysis of geopolitical situation
Brief description of formation of geopolitical environment in (the USA and participants’ countries…)
Some geopolitical development forecasts for 21 century

–        The definition and essence of Securitology (General Security Theory (GST, security Studies)

–        Subject and object of GST

–        GST main goals, tasks, functions

–        GST epistemology:  methodology, axiology, ontology

–        Synergetic and other recent paradigms of contemporary security


–        Defining International Security Studies (ISS)

–        Key question in ISS

–        ISS and the Cold War

–        ISS post Cold War

–        Widening and deepening of security

–        Recent ISS (review of US & participants’ ISS)

–        Paradigm of international security: essence

–        Nation concept in epistemic society

–        National idea as the foundation of national development

–        Modern essence of (the US and participants’ countries) national ideas

–        The definition and essence of national interests (US and participants’ countries)

–        Defining international security: through national to international security (US and participants’ countries)

–        Threat theory and its implementation in international security (the list of threats and challenges faced by the USA and participants’ countries)

–        The system of national and international security: face ratio (the USA and participants’ countries give their definitions of «national security system», describe the main structure and show the advantages linked with international security system)

–        Ensuring national security: from paradigm to action (the USA and participants’ countries describe their bodies involved in ensuring national security)

–        From international to world security


–        Participants give a brief summary of their legal framework used to ensure national security

–        General national security documents

–        Fundamentals of National Security Strategy

–        Presidential Directives

–        Key legislation

–        Executive orders

Working languages are English, Spanish, German, French, and Chinese.

Conference deliverables will be made available on the web site, and officially issued in the conference books by publishing houses that area duly incorporated in Ukraine and validly exist having the printing license. Conference books will bear an international ISBN and local classification numbers UDK and BBK so that they could be stored in any library worldwide. Hence, these conference books are far from mere collection of informal articles that can not be used anywhere or referred to in scientific publications. By publishing these materials we would also like to express our gratitude and acknowledgement to the U.S. State Department and professors of American universities where we had an honour to study.

All the costs of design, editing, publication, marketing, distribution and mailing are borne by project manager — Volodymyr Lipkan.

You can publish your statements in the conference book for FREE.

If you want to publish your materials, please email them to: respecting the conference deadlines.

You should also indicate:

- full name of authors the books are to be addressed;

- home address, zip code;

- contact phone;

- place of work or study, current position, academic title and degree;

- e-mail that will be available on the web site for Q&A related to the materials supplied by you.

You can find the materials of previous conferences here:

Requirement to the statements of your speech: materials are supplied in .doc or .rtf files (Microsoft Word), text: 10-20 pages, fields: 20 mm all sides, font: Times New Roman, size: 14, spacing: 1.5.

Our contacts: Email:,

Imperatives of Civilised Development conference is an ongoing creative hi-tech project launched by a graduate of Delaware University NSI-2011. Conference deliverables are published by a validly existing and duly incorporated individual publisher O.S. Lipkan according to national standards, especially in terms of circulation and mailing of mandatory copies. Materials are also made available on the web site

We would like to unveil the scope and mission of this project by responding to most frequently asked questions.

What is this project designed for?

The aim of this project is to enable graduates of national security and international relations programmes from all around the world to keep in touch by addressing the current global challenges, sharing the results of their researches with foreign scientific opinion-leaders and world community.

What differs our Internet conference from others?

Unique and unparalleled feature that raises the status of those who take part in our Internet conference is driven by its underlying principles:

1) publicity: conference materials are published in the book of statements and are open for Internet users, thus bringing the results of many researches to the world and increasing the audience far beyond a small group of people who read the book of statements or conference materials in hard copies;

2) cost effectiveness: the authors of the materials have no time-wasters and money spending to get to another city and can look through them whenever they want and discuss at the forum with colleagues from all around the world;

3) efficiency: the time lag between conference announcement and publication of deliverables is not more than 3 months;

4) good planning: the dates of conferences are set in advance ensuring your article is published at the right time;

4) consistency: our project represents a closed system complex, as we have an end-to-end control over the project from its design throughout the implementation;

5) competence: once selected by the U.S. State Department, you join the security community of both domestic and international professionals, and the knowledge you get by pursuing your studies in the USA will help to tackle global problems faced by modern world;

6) guarantee: the publication of the book is guaranteed by lawful process of arranging and holding conferences, transparency and clearness of announced and organised conferences as well as production and printing activity;

7) continuity: it is an ongoing project, and we will keep holding these conferences in the future;

8) openness: in addition to the planned conferences we can arrange and print the materials of other events addressing specific issues;

9) high quality: conference materials are printed on a high-quality paper and have a colourful cover; their Internet coverage has a special format, which is easy to read and handle various texts will all rights (copyright) reserved.

How do you protect the copyright of publications when they are made available on your web site?

Advanced IT helped us publish the materials of previous conferences in a presentable format so that an Internet user could only read the text without any rights to reproduce.

How can I sign up for the conference?

Singing up for the conference is simple. Please go to our web site, choose a suitable for you date of conference and email your materials to: or

How much is it to take part in the conference?

The pricing policy is based on your personal value for the world’s community and the need for building up nsi&fullbright alumni think tank. That’s why all the costs of preparation, publication and distribution of conference materials are borne by us. In turn, you will get your copy of conference book by post and your materials will be placed on our web site for free so that any person could read them wherever they are.

Are there any alternatives to Internet conferences?

In view of our current pace of life, upward trend of electronic communication development and the increasing role of IT, there are no alternatives to Internet conferences so far.

Our project is just an offer to make a step forward with us into safe future.