Internet-conference “Informational technologies in combating terrorism

International public organization “Academy of Open Society Security” in cooperation with organizing committee of the high-tech project “Imperatives of Civilised Development” convene an Internet-conference:

“Information technologies in combating terrorism”.

The conference’s main priority is to present practical propositions on higher effectiveness of the UN Counterterrorism strategy, of both national and international counterterrorism machinery as well as of its public support to the authorities of leading countries and the UN General Assembly.

Further goals of the conference include: to cultivate in young generation negation of any kind of violence including informational and to cultivate respect of national culture and of human rights; developing informational ethics for participants of information relations; sharing experiences on training high level specialists for management of information resources; formulating practical suggestions for heads of states on informational counteracting of terrorism.

The agenda of the conference is going to include the following topics:

  • future informational strategies: current stand and prospective;
  • problems of building up the counterterrorism system: information technology and state support;
  • undermining propaganda via Internet: main point and tendencies;
  • meaning of manipulation of consciousness;
  • international aspects of information provocations;
  • information technologies in public support of counterterrorism;
  • modern context of information wars;
  • role of oppositional and dissenter movements in evolving of informational component of counterterrorism;
  • information function of a state in fighting terrorism;
  • tendencies of information law development in context of combating terrorism;
  • securing the information rights and freedom of people while fighting terrorism;
  • information security right as aspect of national security law;
  • information operations in context of fighting terrorism;
  • strategic information management.

Conference languages: Russian, English, Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin Chinese.

An issue of a series almanac book “Imperatives of Civilised Development” is planned on the conference materials.

The materials are to be send to: academiс@ukr.net or aoss.ua@gmail.com.

Requirements for the report theses:

  1. The theses altogether may not exceed 3 pages (Microsoft Word, paper format A4, TNR 14, interlinear gap 1).
  2. The title in capital letters in the center; below in the right corner through a gap name, first name and paternal of authors (an author), occupied position, scientific degree, academic rank; further through a gap – the theses. At the end of the theses the contact data is put: telephone, full postal address for shipping of the almanac book (not published online).
  3. The margins must measure 20 mm.
  4. The reports must be sent until the 15th of May in order to be published after a prior agreement on conditions.

The reports must be only presented in electronic version, format “rtf” or “doc”, named in Latin letters according to the author’s name.

The organizing committee is exclusively entitled to choose the articles for publishing. The technicalities on publishing should be coordinated with responsible editor: academiс@ukr.net .

Regards, conference organizing committee.